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Dec 04 2010

Whats Her Name? Well, We All Know Her as Rihanna…

Published by Annie at 2:41 pm under Song of the Day

Rihanna has yet again topped the charts with her album Loud, featuring hit tracks such as S&M, What’s My Name, Love the Way You Lie, pt. 2 (which tells the girl’s side of the same story Eminem told on his most recent, hit album the Recovery), and number one on the charts right now, Only Girl. Rihanna has released a total of 5 albums since 2005. The first three of these were  filled with poppy, fun, and carefree tracks which every single teenager like myself heard at dances and parties for months. However, her sound changed drastically after her experience with domestic violence and Chris Brown last year. Rated R came out with a bang, all the tracks were deep, and meaningful, and powerful; overall a very different Rihanna we were all so used to, but somehow she was able to make this sound work so well, it topped the charts. Russian Roulette was in the top 1o for weeks, and that album artwork was definitely something people were talking about.

Rated R (2009)

That black and white Rihanna with the dark eye make up, and the hand over one eye; a perfect cross between beautiful and chilling. This new Album Loud, is the perfect cross between the types of music. They have that poppy, club sound we all love, but she has incorporated her new found passion and power that she had in Rated R. Until next time (:

Loud (2010)

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